Our exhibits are full of fun and hands-on exploration!  Through hands-on exhibits kids can see, touch, learn and grow their way through important developmental milestones. They simply cannot play here without learning. This is called the Power of Play.

Construction site

Like on a real construction site, kids need to wear a uniform when working here. Our construction site is full of different building materials in many shapes and colors, all stimulating kids and their parents to either recreate an existing building or to create something new and unique.


Have you ever build a sky scraper? A real one? One that is higher than you? Our LEGO exhibit is the place to do it. Build it and test it. Will it survive an earthquake and why? Are there ways to make it stronger?

Grocery shop

Shop for nutritious foods, push around kid-sized carts and calculate the bill using real cash registers. The Market is complete with a variety of departments including produce, bakery, seafood and meat.

Beach Cafe

Parents, you sit back and relax. Let the kids take your order, cook and serve your food. Would you like to challenge the kids to prepare something that is not of the menu?

Great area to develop team working skills!


At the beach kids play with dry and kinetic sand and are able to make exceptional creations. Imagination is the only limit here!


Designed for small hands and bodies and inquisitive minds, Stadtpark is a colorful, lively and safe environment, welcoming our youngest guests by encouraging hands-on exploration and play.

Magic Garden

A dark area where kids experiment with light, colors, prisms and translucent shapes. The area is filled with light tables/panels, various colored mosaic pieces and building blocks as well as other educational items. There is also a sensory corner for relaxation.

Crazy Lab

Being a flexible space, Crazy Lab stocks a variety of collage materials, recycled containers and creative craft supplies, wires, motors, solar panels, LEGO bricks and other creative stuff to let kids implement their most desired projects.


aufgrund der aktuellen Corona-Krise bleibt unser Spielcenter bis auf Weiteres geschlossen.
Wir hoffen euch bald wieder bei uns begrüßen zu dürfen!